A nearly invisible solution

Dr Visram is proud to be an official Invisalign® provider. She has experience treating even the most complex cases with clear aligners, offering patients a discreet way to straighten their teeth.


What is it?

Invisalign® treatment is an alternative to metal braces. Rather than using brackets and archwires to move your teeth, it relies on clear plastic trays, or aligners, to apply gentle pressure to your teeth.


How does it work?

During your initial consultation, we’ll use our 3D iTero scanner to take digital photos of your teeth and create the moulds for your clear aligners. You’ll then receive a series of aligners, each one slightly different from the next. As you follow our instructions and swap these out, your teeth will continue to move into the desired position.


What are the benefits?

There’s a lot to love about Invisalign® clear aligners! If you’re new to this treatment, here’s what you can expect:

  • A nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth
  • Removable aligners, letting you eat and brush as normal
  • Virtual check-ups with our Dental Monitoring app


Virtual check-ups with Dental Monitoring

Welcome to the future of orthodontics! If you are receiving Invisalign® treatments, you’ll be able to complete your check-ups from your smartphone. Just snap a selfie and hit send.

Dental Monitoring


Is Invisalign® right for you?

If you think Invisalign® treatments might be right for you or your child, book in a FREE consultation. Dr Visram will do a full assessment and provide a treatment plan tailored to your needs.